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Sebastian Dolphin and Nature Tour

In addition to fishing charters, Filet Show is now offering private nature and dolphin tours in the St. Sebastian river! Join Captain Justin Ambrosio as he takes you on a trip through picturesque old Florida.  Enjoy the quiet ride as you cruise along with the trolling motor in the narrow and shallow areas that the bigger boats can't access. This trip is a great time for "birders".  Justin is very knowledgeable about the many species of birds you will see as well as the abundance of other wildlife you will encounter on your tour. Depending on the time of the year; you can expect to see manatees, dolphin, Alligators, tarpon, eagles, osprey, a variety of herons and much more.  We can take up to 5 people comfortably so find 4 people you like and lets go exploring!

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